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Regular Personal Contact with a Pro Teacher


Increase Confidence in Your Trumpet Playing Ability


Custom-made Plan for Your Growth


You have been practicing and you are still not getting any better on the trumpet.


You still miss a lot of notes


There is too much pressure on your lips

You are not able to play high notes

You have no confidence in your ability


There is a lot of tension in your throat, neck, chest, and shoulders


You straight up sound bad and you don't know how to fix it


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You deserve to know how to play trumpet the simple way


Many of my students experience improvement in as few as 3 lessons

This happens because I have been teaching for nearly 20 years and have learned to help students overcome the most common problems that trumpet players experience.

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My name is Chris Davis. I will be your teacher and have been featured on . . .


Learn How to Play Trumpet the Right Way So That You Can Eventually Play Anything You Imagine

You will meet me in a video chat where I will have the chance to listen and watch you play the trumpet.  Next I'll guide you through your personalized Trumpet Improvement Plan  (T.I.P.) so that you will know exactly what to practice and how to practice to reach your goals on trumpet.  

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3 Simple Steps To Play Trumpet with Greater Ease

1. Schedule Your Lesson

Choose a time on the calendar that works best for you. Answer a short questionnaire about your goals so that Chris may prepare for your lesson ahead of time.

2. Show Up at the Appointed Time

Click the link sent to your email at the appointed time. Play a few notes for Chris then recieve your custom-made plan for improvement.

3. Play Trumpet with Greater Ease

Practice your custom-made plan and gradually grow confidence in your trumpet playing. You'll be ready for those church services, community performances, and holiday parties.

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You'll Be Amazed at What You Can Do on the Trumpet After These Lessons

Each lesson will guide you step-by-step toward your ultimate goal. 

Learn to use your body the right way

Learn how to use your body to play trumpet in a more efficient way and put your bad habits to rest.

More Simple Approach

Learn my W.E.T. Approach to trumpet playing so that you may become anchored in the fundamentals.

Receive a Personalized T.I.P.

You will leave each lesson knowing exactly what you need to practice and how to practice assigned material. 

Video recordings of each lesson

Watch your lesson over and again as much as needed. A folder will be created with a recording of each lesson. 

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Learn to Play Trumpet with Ease

Before: Practice trumpet for many months and not getting better

After: Notice improvement after only a few lessons



Get Help With Your Challenges

And Join The Many People Who Have Found Success Improving Their Flexibility, Sound, Endurance, and Range.

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Not quite ready for trumpet lessons? No worries. 

Here is a gift for you to help you on your trumpet playing journey. 


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